Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 10, 2015

I just wanna….

I just want to……

  • Be slender
  • Have a nice pair of boobs
  • Be Debt Free
  • Be Happy
  • Be Loved
  • Be a Woman
  • Have long hair
  • Date a muscular black guy
  • Have lots of money

I just want to be a slender busty older woman that dates a wonderful black guy!

Posted by: Terri Lynn | June 11, 2015

Overdue Update: Bullet Points

After several months of not writing, it’s the middle of the night, I’m awake so I’ll give a bit of an update.

  • Due to finances, I had to go off HRT on February 19th. That week between prescription refills and a DR office visit, I just could come up with the needed $400
  • A month later I’m back on Spironolactone because I’ve got fluid retention in my lower legs. Edema official called. Have seen some relief from the Spiro but pretty sure this is caused by the hours I sit on my ass driving, with out getting out to walk around.
  • I still drive for Uber.
  • The dream/desire to transition is still there. The finances to do anything, are not there.
  • After working many months with only a few days off, I started taking Sundays off. Things seem to have improved with the amount of Uber fares I’m getting. Increased # of $1000+ weeks
  • My weight has increased in 2015. A major depressing point. Currently around 310-315. Clothes don’t fit. Need to exercise more.
  • Due to having a person back into me, several months, and having about 20 days off work, taking a vacation seems unlikely this year. Though I have a seeming moderate desire to attend a cousins wedding in August.
  • Not sure why I still have my GoFundMe page. I’m stalled out at $51.
  • Sometime last year, I finished a three idea story. With ideas Taylor gave me. Felt good to finish one. she moved to Chicago in January. I miss her.
  • Have not had the desire to write in a long time. Might be because I feel the need to always work. Need to hit my Uber financial goals, are predominate on a daily basis.
  • Need $180 to $200 in daily Uber fares to net enough income to pay bills.
  • May was the first month, in a long time I was able to put a small amount in savings. Though I still owe it about $600 in borrowed tax $$$.

Until the next time.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | October 18, 2014

Yes, I still blog

……however it may not seem like it.

Since July 31, 2014 I have been working two jobs. Pizza delivery for Pizza Hut, and also driving for Uber. While in years past I never had the desire for a second job, since transferring to Plano, it had created an environment that required me to do so to stay afloat financially. While looking for other employment opportunities, I came across an Uber ad. And the rest is history as they say.

While driving for Uber has been totally enjoyable, working two jobs has been tiring. So, on Sat October 11, I gave my notice at Pizza Hut. and I’m counting down the days until I remove myself from the restaurant industry.

Then too, I’ve been tired and have not had the desire to write also. So hopefully in the next several weeks as things begin to even out, perhaps I can begin again (like my transition) to share my thoughts and happenings regarding my transition. There is much to share.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | August 4, 2014

Stepping out of another comfort zone……maybe!

When we start a new job, we are always behind the learning curve, and moving into uncharted territory. After 20 years of continuous employment with my current employer, I have added a second job. I’m finding out that I’m going to have to go places if I really want to make money, with Uber.

Like Dallas proper

Perhaps even into Oaklawn and Lemon………….

Or even worse, Uptown.

Today was Monday, and I stayed in Far North Dallas, actually Plano to be exact. I only had two clients. The first pick up was at Frito Lay HQ on Legacy to 15th St. The other was from someplace at 4700 W Park Blvd to someplace in Lewisville. Between the two fares, the total $$ was okay. About $47 total. A decent total, if I can average that amount over 5 or 6 days, for part-time income. If I want to stay with my current day employer.

But I need about $200 a day in fares, to be able to quit my current 20 year experiment. And more $$$ means more rides are needed.

So maybe on Thursday, I’ll hang out in the Oaklawn and Lemmon are to see if things can be better. Maybe Uptown too. But only until it gets dark. Driving around there in the darkness is total madness.

What I’d really like are long runs like I did today, and perhaps trips to the Airport, DFW or Love Field. Those would be good too.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | August 4, 2014


Have you ever had a financial goal, where you needed to save some money and not touch it? Did you struggle with not using it for something else? Or did it actually become untouchable, until you had the full amount in place. What kept you from spending your then secret stash for important stuff?

As you know, I’ve been attempting to save money for breast enhancement and facial feminization surgery. I currently have several places where the funds I plan to use are untouchable. The most safe one is my GoFundMe webpage. I cannot use those funds until I have an checking account set up with my preferred name on it, not just my current legal one. But there is one drawback; they will take 3% for me using the site. Split between the service that transfers the funds and the actual GoFundMe website.

I also have a couple of other area that I am setting aside funds for these surgeries. Chase points; These are semi untouchable. Meaning that I cannot touch the point until they hit at least 2000 points, convertible into $20. Right now Chase is offering 5% points for gas expense’s, so it’s kind of hard to not to go for free points/cash, and run gas through the car. But with the way May/June were financially, it’s kind of hard not to want to convert the points to a cash statement credit to help lower the CC balance, seeing they all got maxed out.

The one area that definitely has touchable funds are a dime jar, and a rolled coin and cash lock box in my closet. While the cash lock box is out of sight, out of mind, it’s still there in the memory, knowing that I could access the funds for an emergency. Or to just pay down/off a credit card balance/payment. The loose dime jar; it sits on my desk, as the balance slowly rises.

It’s tough knowing you could take the usable funds to help get out of debt faster, but it also means you prolong the date of your surgeries. But there is a quiet blessing knowing that the $51 in my GoFundMe account are safe and virtually untouchable, until I’m ready to pay for the surgery. 

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 31, 2014

Doing some Uber Driving

Well, today was the day. My first day to drive as an Uber driver. Totally ready to go by 11am. Sat out in a parking lot by Addison Airport, to wait. Thought it might be a good place. Twenty minutes, the App goes off, I roll. Get about 2 blocks away, the ride is cancelled. Same thing for second one. Third one was a live one. Pick up on Dallas Pkwy to DFW airport. After a wrong turn close to the airport, I got him to C19. Next one was a Love Field pick up. Not sure airport pick ups are legal, but I got her home, in Uptown. Number 3 was several blocks away from #2 drop off. Fourth one was a short hop, only about 3-4 miles. The final one was the best. Young couple off of Cole St, to S. Lamar to some dance hall. GPS got us all jacked up. They were a fun couple, and in the process, I found out where NYLO Dallas is, Where Taylor and Paloma love to party. Total fares for the day $90.71. So if I can do this amount 2-3 days a week, it should cover the car payment and increased insurance.

I desired five rides at the beginning of the day. God provided.

So Until the Next time,



Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 31, 2014

This Will Move You………

This was interesting; from a mother. While I never verbalized at a young age that I was a girl, and identified as such, I knew there was something different about myself, from around the same age. Thankful for this young person that she has a supportive mother.

TG Or Not TG? That Is The Question

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Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 30, 2014

Birthday and NYE

So, relatively speaking, it’s four months until my birthday, then ad another 27 days to it, and it will be the greatest party day/evening of the year. New Years Eve.

After spending the past Saturday with my friend Cristina for her birthday evening, I mentioned that my birthday is coming up in December. Several weeks before NYE. And from the current state of things, they are very real potential dates for us going out. Of course that means clothes shopping. And the fact that Cristina mentioned that she wants to do my make up again, as the hormones have taken affect, and have made my skin a lot more beautiful. She also mentioned doing extensions also. And since I mentioned getting a red dress for my birthday, I thought I would preview a candidate here below.


It available from

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 28, 2014

A new adventure awaits……….

I just received an email this afternoon. My Uber kit has shipped. Should be arriving in 3-5 days. So excited to be starting a new adventure. At minimum, I hope it pays for new car and insurance. At best, I hope it allows me to quit Pizza Hut.

So, I guess I get to go clothes shopping, Black slacks, dress shirts, and perhaps some polo shirts.

So excited.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 27, 2014

Sunday July 27, 2014 – the Day before Payday

So it’s Sunday, I’m off today and another week has passed. Tomorrow is another day off, and it’s also payday. I’m sitting at home trying to decide if I want to get showered and go out an do something, or just stay in the apartment and do nothing. I could clean an organize, as that always needs to be done. Especially in preparation of doing laundry tomorrow.

Or I could get moving and drive 75 min to the north to Durant, OK and check out the casino. Not that I have wads of cash to spend. Yesterday was not that bountiful, and after going to Fort Worth for my friend Cristina’s birthday, I do have limited resources. I do have 1/2 tank of gas in the Camry and $26 available, planning to only take $20 in to the casino if I went. Worse case scenario, I walk out losing the $20; best case, walk out with more than I walk in with.

Then too, another nap sounds good.

This has been a fairly decent month, financially and all. Looks like most everything is getting paid. On time and even early. Kind of nice, and stress free. Now, August may be a different story with a second car added to my insurance, and a car payment by month end.

Still waiting to hear from Uber; I emailed them the pictures of my insurance card and temp registration, after they did not upload clearly enough to be accepted on the website. If I do not hear from them by Tue (which will drive me nuts) I’ll try uploading the originals from my phone. I’m so ready to be done with Pizza Hut.

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