Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 28, 2014

A new adventure awaits……….

I just received an email this afternoon. My Uber kit has shipped. Should be arriving in 3-5 days. So excited to be starting a new adventure. At minimum, I hope it pays for new car and insurance. At best, I hope it allows me to quit Pizza Hut.

So, I guess I get to go clothes shopping, Black slacks, dress shirts, and perhaps some polo shirts.

So excited.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 27, 2014

Sunday July 27, 2014 – the Day before Payday

So it’s Sunday, I’m off today and another week has passed. Tomorrow is another day off, and it’s also payday. I’m sitting at home trying to decide if I want to get showered and go out an do something, or just stay in the apartment and do nothing. I could clean an organize, as that always needs to be done. Especially in preparation of doing laundry tomorrow.

Or I could get moving and drive 75 min to the north to Durant, OK and check out the casino. Not that I have wads of cash to spend. Yesterday was not that bountiful, and after going to Fort Worth for my friend Cristina’s birthday, I do have limited resources. I do have 1/2 tank of gas in the Camry and $26 available, planning to only take $20 in to the casino if I went. Worse case scenario, I walk out losing the $20; best case, walk out with more than I walk in with.

Then too, another nap sounds good.

This has been a fairly decent month, financially and all. Looks like most everything is getting paid. On time and even early. Kind of nice, and stress free. Now, August may be a different story with a second car added to my insurance, and a car payment by month end.

Still waiting to hear from Uber; I emailed them the pictures of my insurance card and temp registration, after they did not upload clearly enough to be accepted on the website. If I do not hear from them by Tue (which will drive me nuts) I’ll try uploading the originals from my phone. I’m so ready to be done with Pizza Hut.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 27, 2014

Love and cupcakes!

Terri Lynn:

Tis post, I have to share; written by a partner of another trans sister. While I do not have a partner, one can only hope that when the time comes, they are similar in thought and feelings.

Originally posted on steffi's Blog:

I have a very special guest blog today, written by my beautiful partner at my request about why she stays and is my rock.

I wouldn’t have stayed!! You’re a better person than me!! Probably the 2 things I have heard, as a partner of a trans-gender person, the most often. It is something that I have thought about often.. And I usually come back to 1 of 2 answers .. 1. I’ve never found anything that was more important than love… Or 2. It’s really just about the frosting!

1. I’ve never found anything that was more important than love .. I know that sounds kinda sappy and romantic, but it really is the truth. I think some of the issue is people believe this has been a sudden revelation in our relationship. That is sooo not the case.. This has been a part of our life on an…

View original 338 more words

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 21, 2014

Bonus Post

I don’t usually intend to post two entries a day here, but since I got a bonus today, I thought I would share it, and do a bonus posting.

Today, I got my HRT prescriptions refilled at Kroger. While they are not usually cheaper on all of them, they do price match to their competitors pricing when they are lower. As the young gal was checking me out, I commented about the progesterone, as it was in a tall container, and looked like to be more than the 30 capsules on the refill. She assured me that it was just 30.

But tonight when taking my evening doses, being the nerd that I counted the container. Yes,  there were 30 capsules in it, PLUS 60 more for a total of 90. Score!!!! A definite help to my next 2 months budget.


I had replied to one of the emails from Uber, telling them I was not sure when I could upload the needed Documents, as I was waiting on the copy of the registration for the new car. Reply email, said I could upload a copy of the bill of sale, or a picture of the temp license plate. Now all I need is a copy of the proof of insurance showing the Camry on the coverage. Maybe by the weekend I can have it all uploaded, and get driving next week.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 21, 2014

20 Days…….

They say, (whoever  they are), that all good things must come to an end. Really? Why?

If something is good, why should it end? Why cannot it continue? Especially if it serves a purpose and makes people happy.

So for twenty days I had visitors to my blog. And during that time, I also wrote on many of those days. Which I’m sure was part of the reason I had visitors; more blog activity (writing) creates more blog activity (viewers). And while many of the posts seemingly were not really about my transition, they were about things in life. And it also gave me an opportunity to practice my writing and typing skills.

So for all that visited during that 20 days; Thank You. Lets do it again and go for 30-45 days straight. But this time, please feel free to comment.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 18, 2014

2014 Toyota Camry

From the title, you can perceive that I got the new car. And it drives wonderful. Though I did keep the old car for my current vocation of pizza deliver.

For now I am waiting for proof of insurance from my agent, copy of the registration, and my new address changed drivers license. With these documents downloaded to Uber, and my tax and deposit information, all I need then is the results of my background check to begin driving for Uber.

So looking forward to possible additional with the hopeful expectation that I can make enough income with them to remove myself from the restaurant industry. I so hope some of the stories I’ve heard are true, and I get similar benefits.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 17, 2014

Transgender Romance….

Stepping aside from the generic and seemingly non transition related things of my daily life, (though I suppose everything can be transition related someway). Perhaps an entry here about that can be transition related. Or at least something that can be related if not to transition, then to life.


We all desire it. We all yearn for someone special in our lives that we can love, have, hold, spend time with, someone that puts a smile on our face when we think about them. Being transgendered, does not mean we don’t have the thoughts feelings. We just wonder if there are accepting individuals out there that can accept us and love us as we transition. I am no exception.

I have been single for a long time. since my separation in ’96 and divorce in ’98, I have really only dated two women. Both during times of when I had quit transition. One was okay with it, the other, was more of a phone relationship, and is a long story. And basically I had given up on meeting anybody.

My attraction is towards females. While I transition form male to female, I’m still attracted to females. I know some would find that odd, but it is what it is. And I’ve wondered if I could ever find anybody that would love me, regardless of what equipment I have/had below.

So I placed and ad on seeking either a genetic female or a non-op transsexual. And to be honest interest has been mainly from males. While I might admit to somewhat of an attraction to the male organ, men in general, not my cup of tea. (Thus my interest in a possible non-op transsexual).

Until tonight; I get a email from a 40 yr old gal from Smyrna, TN. And we have been emailing back n forth 4-5 times, with the last time she giving me her email address. So who knows what will happen from here, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 16, 2014

Uber Update

A quick post tonight; I’ve received the requested copy of my background check, when I applied with Uber. No surprise, there is nothing on it. I’m a good little person.

I’ve also received separate emails from Uber informing me that I am confirmed for a vehicle discount and financing for a new vehicle. The email also has a Uber Driver Number on it. Hope that is a good sign.

I also applied for financing with Toyota via the link the sales person gave me. I was approved. Though I have no idea as to whether I qualified for no down payment, or whether I’ll need to trade in my current Corolla. Hoping I can keep the Corolla until I find out what kind of money I can make with Uber. I don’t really want to deliver pizzas in the new Camry.

Once I get the new car, and am able to upload copies of the Registration, Insurance and my Drivers License, it should not take long to find out the final result about driving for them. 

I do have a 10 am appointment with Dennis, the sales person at Toyota. Looking forward to all the detailed info, regarding the new car.

If Nathan can continue to keep my schedule like it is for this week, I should be able to do two or three days driving. Looking forward to a new non restaurant challenge. I’m so looking forward to posting on FaceBook that I have given my notice to Pizza Hut, then a final comment from there when I walk out the door the final time.

Wish me Luck people!

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 15, 2014

Twitter Welcome

I’m just writing this post because I have set up things that allow my blog posts to be shared on my twitter account. The WordPress sharing option.

To those of you that found your way here from a Twitter link; Welcome. Feel free to look around and explore my writings. Comments are welcome.

Until the next time,

Terri Lynn

Posted by: Terri Lynn | July 14, 2014

Low Stress = Feeling Blessed

Well, the long wait came to an end at around 5am this morning. My paycheck with the 16 hours of overtime hit my checking account. and by 6 am I had made payments to 7 creditors. One of which was a final utility bill from my apartment in Fort Worth.

It’s an amazing feeling going into the day after payday (Tuesday) and still having a couple of hundred left over in my checking account. It has been a really long time since something like this has happened. Not saying that everything is paid for this month, it’s not, but all the urgent items are. Besides, 7 of the line items on my budget sheet are different savings envelopes, so I can take my time until the end of the month to complete them. Then on top of it, I had over 42 hours on the week, that ended today. Perhaps another decent paycheck in two weeks.

I just finished filling out the finance application for Toyota, regarding the possibility of getting a different car, one that would allow me to perhaps drive for Uber, on my days off from Pizza Hut. With the schedule that starts tomorrow, I am scheduled 37 hours in four days. Kind of thinking that if I’m approved and pass all the back ground checks, that several days a week, might pay for the new car. And let me put the extra in my FFS and Enhancement fund. At minimum, get my emergency fund built up. The car sales person said he might be able to get me the Uber discount with out proof of employment, and with decent credit get approved for financing with no down payment. Kind of hoping the later is possible, as I kind of want to see if I can sell my car for more than the $500 they are offering for trade in. Time well tell.

Perhaps the financial ship has begun to turn to a more pleasant direction for life and transition.

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